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PREMIERE: Saka Explores New Sonic Territory In ‘Prescient’

Freak Feed | June 1, 2021

From landing on FUXWITHIT almost three years ago with a premiere of a track that is no longer on SoundCloud, to releasing on labels such as Bassrush, Inspected, Gud Vibrations and more, it’s been a wild journey following Saka‘s impressive evolution as an artist. Constantly looking to improve his craft while creating work that that he is genuinely proud of, Saka strives for innovation and his latest work speaks to that. With his Penumbra EP slated for release on June 4th via Dome of Doom, we can definitively state that this boundary-pushing mentality is present throughout his latest ensemble, and we have the extreme pleasure of premiering ‘Prescient’ today to show you this mindset in full.

Interestingly, Saka presents his vocals on record for the first time in ‘Prescient.’ About his experience with singing and including his voice on the track, Saka had the following to say, “I used to sing a lot in high school and even joined an acapella group in college for some time. After that stint I started getting really into electronic music, and for the longest time I thought vocals just sounded so corny and on-the-nose. One of the reasons why I like more niche electronic music is because I feel like the narrative is a little more abstract – it’s about the listener. So for the longest time I just totally avoided ever singing on my music. Anyone who’s been a vocalist or an instrumentalist prior to being a producer can probably empathize – you get nervous about connecting the different realms. However, this record is totally about my own experience and my self-expression. I’m directly trying to just write from the heart on this record.”

So, ‘Prescient’ is a vocal-driven record, with a totally new sound palette compared to Saka’s previous works. Expect the unexpected. Heavily influenced by Burial over the last few months, Saka dives into the formerly unexplored territory of garage in his latest, without escaping some of those key signature sounds that all have come to love from the artist. “This was prompted because I was starting to feel really deeply unhappy with the quality of my music. I just didn’t think it was good enough, and I just felt like my riffs and motifs sucked. I even stopped making music for a while. But slowly, as I continued to listen to more stuff outside of my lane, the inspiration began to come back,” Saka adds.

‘Prescient’ is not bound to be a mainstage favourite, but that won’t prevent it from being an important addition to the catalogue of many fans. It’s all about the context in which you listen, and ‘Prescient’ is sure to evoke emotions that you probably haven’t felt in the past listening to Saka’s music. The piece is riddled with lush textures and serene soundscapes while simultaneously boasting a meticulous attention to sonic details. Oh, and the outro is truly fantastic. Don’t miss it below.

Written by Freak Feed


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