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Junior Sanchez Flips Coco & Breezy, Dawn Richard’s “U” Into Deep & Electrifying Remix

Freak Feed | June 4, 2021

When it comes to house music, Junior Sanchez is one of the best, a true legend by his own right. After a string of hits to cement his legacy in dance music, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. He continues to shake up the world of house music with his eclectic and unpredictable palette of sounds and styles. His latest release, a remix for none other than Coco & Breezy’s song “U.“, is a testament to the greatness of Junior Sanchez’s talent in the studio.

This time around he takes the original and flips it into an electrifying, deep house remix.  The original “U.” cemented Coco & Breezy as emerging forces in dance music with millions of plays, huge playlist support, SiriusXM rotation, and a sonic signature that is both classic & futuristic. Providing his signature bounce to the track with driving kicks, infectious chops, Junior Sanchez provides a wholly captivating groove, making it impossible to sit still while you listen.

Here’s what Junior Sanchez had to say:

When asked to remix Coco & Breezy, Dawn “U”, I felt like I was, being, a part of where dance music should be headed; Young, Strong, Smart & Powerful black women embracing house music. It only felt right for me to help the art they are creating. Coco & Breezy and Dawn Richards are forces of creative nature, and I’m looking forward to how they help nurture and create dance/ house music future to the next generations to come.

This is a must listen! Go check out the Junior Sanchez remix of “U.” below!

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