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PREMIERE: Nøsq Comes With Nothing But ‘The Realest’

Freak Feed | May 23, 2021

Coming to your airwaves straight out of Deutschland, Nøsq aims to sprinkle his own brand of speaker-thumping style into the ever-growing experimental bass music community. Dabbling in a wide range of groups persistently pushing the envelope of cutting-edge sound, he’s also 1/3 of one2six and 1/2 of Támas, consistently proving a wealth of knowledge and production prowess that’s truly invaluable to everyone in the vicinity. Achieving the rank of mad audio scientist, he offers a diverse selection in his swiftly evolving discography, like the ballsy banger  ‘Snbajir‘ with Stizzla and Dayzero and ‘froggies‘. Now, he’s coming at you with his latest and greatest bass-focused monstrosity ‘The Realest,’ a swagger-satiating smorgasbord, out now on Saturate Records as part of their Saturated Vol. 7 compilation album.

Do you know that feeling where you wake up feeling like a god presiding over his subjects as you prance around the world as if it’s your personal playground? That’s precisely the feeling invoked by ‘The Realest,’ shoveling confirmation bias into your ego as you firmly believe that you’re the hottest thing since sliced bread. Delightfully mechanical melodies imbue your spirit with the ability to face any challenge head-on with a gratuitous grin firmly plastered on your mug while invincibility seems wholeheartedly on the menu. Bone-crushing speaker purrs create an oh-so-satisfying warmth around your aura, truly transforming every single listener into the biggest badass on the block. Utilizing consciousness-evoking switch-ups and cheekily-placed accentuations, ‘The Realest’ is truly that, the penultimate realest. Check it out for yourself below, and make sure to check out the rest of Saturated Vol. 7 dropping every Saturday!

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