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Thorjn Displays Glitchy Ingenuity In ‘Moss’s Lilypad’

Freak Feed | February 8, 2021

In a time where music with longevity is of utmost importance, we’re always on the lookout for up-and-coming producers that are able to impress us beyond mainstage appeal. Sure, new trap and dubstep is always exciting, but the lockdown has developed a need for music that breaks the confines of festival readiness, with more melodic, complex pieces becoming more important with every passing day.

Back in October, we featured Thorjn on our Focus Five segment for this exact reason, and the UK-based producer’s first track of the calendar year fits perfectly within the above category. Named after his beloved pup, ‘Moss’s Lilypad’ is the embodiment of why we featured the promising young producer a few months back. The track balances highs and lows to a tee, giving listeners a taste of nostalgia with its glitch-hop sections while going far beyond what the genre offered in its heyday. The introduction is soothing, with engulfing textures, crisp instrumentals and meticulous fills slowly building the energy of the track. Without ever breaking the flow of the piece, Thorjn gradually adds an underlying groove to ‘Moss’s Lilypad’ while simultaneously upping its intensity and vehemence. Simply put, ‘Moss’s Lilypad’ is truly mesmerizing from start to finish.

With early support from Mr. Bill and Azaleh, we wouldn’t be surprised if artists such as KOAN Sound soon hopped onto the Thorjn train as well. Don’t miss ‘Moss’s Lilypad’ below.

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