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[PREMIERE] Trampa Releases Massive New Atonal Bass Banger on NSD: Black Label, “Your Luv”

Freak Feed | February 12, 2021

Atonal bass isn’t talked about that much in fan circles, but it’s absolutely one of my favorite flavors of dubstep. It’s incredibly raw and always goes hard as fuck, who wouldn’t dig it?

“Your Luv” by Trampa just released on NSD: Black Label and it’s as pure an example of atonal bass as they come. The bass is just… there. There’s no melody to it, no real key to speak of (although someone more versed in music theory could surely come up with something), it’s just in your face destruction akin to a concussion bomb. No fire, no burnt ends emblazoned in the pavement, just pure bass carnage.

If that sounds like it’s something up your alley, listen below! “Your Luv” by Trampa is out now via NSD: Black Label.

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