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Porter Robinson Opens Up About ‘Nuture’ Era & Live Shows in New Interview

Freak Feed | February 10, 2021

Porter Robinson delves into the Nurture era with an enlightening new interview…

The producer recently spoke to RADIO.COM‘s Bryce Segall for New Arrivals, sharing details on the forthcoming album and how it came to be. From the Madeon influence, to his newfound “digital falsetto” game changer, through personal emotional struggles, and dealing through the pandemic — Porter exposes his vulnerability and approach to making Nurture.

He speaks on finding his voice:

Being able to do this whole singer/ songwriter/ producer project where you’re singing…. it’s you singing and it’s live, but it’s this kind of character, this ultimate persona… I loved that idea of just having this character sort of just sing with you or this representation of the inner voice.

And his screaming voice:

…anytime you see me angry basically I’m actually scared. I’m like scared that my project isn’t connecting, I’m scared that… I’m never going to be able to make anything good again… I feel like that’s useful for people to know. Whenever I’m like screaming about something I’m usually, myself, pretty scared.

He spoke on Nurture live shows:

…in my mind’s eye for what the Nurture live show might look like is maybe something a bit like the “Get Your Wish” music video… I plan to be singing and I plan to be more upfront… with Worlds, I’m very much behind the table and in Nurture, I want to have a little bit of both.

And breaking through the pandemic:

Having gone this long without live music I think Nurture live is going to take a very different shape than it would have if there hadn’t been a pandemic to be honest… my desire for fun is a lot higher than I think it would have been.

There’s so much more — read the full interview here.

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish


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