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Sub.Terranean Conquer Levels Of Challenges With Their ‘Vol. VII’ Compilation

Freak Feed | January 30, 2021

Rising from beneath the Earth’s core, comes a label so diverse, it’ll knock your socks off with each release. The movement and artists they’re pushing to the outer realms are extremely talented and forces to reckon with. We’re talking about Sub.Terranean. And their newest installment, Vol. VII will have you on your knees. Honoring each and every frequency being placed. Completing and defeating many challenges. Having such incredible popularity in the past with their other volumes, they’ve taken it even farther than before. So who did they recruit this time to honor the label? Well, artists such as Karezza, JAKE CLARITY, IANY and many more have taken on the challenge to create something out of this world. And boy do they not disappoint.

From heavy drums, to high level sound design, each artist captured their vision perfectly and manifested it into a Sub.Terranean atmosphere. Each track heard will leave you with a satisfied and inspirational way. Keeping the underground scene alive and well. This whole compilation will for sure keep you on your toes and help your creativity to the max. Wether it be a thick bass line, a charismatic lead, or even a familiar sample, these artists know how to brighten your whole day with nothing but good vibes. You’ll have this group of tracks on repeat for a very long time. You can tell everyone had a fun time creating such time driven works of art.

Sub.Terranean is a beautiful label. Treating their artists and their music right is so important to everyone. And their newest installment, Vol. VII will honor not just themselves but the upcoming future for artists. So make sure to go support by streaming their newest compilation everywhere.

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