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Marc Straight Creates His Own Ambient World In “Awakened”

Freak Feed | January 27, 2021

In general, it can be rather challenging to review ambient music. Its characteristics don’t really lend to verbose expositions on tempo, vocals, or other elements. On the other hand, that means that when an ambient song is good enough for review, there’s often plenty to say about it.

Marc Straight likely isn’t a name that many are familiar with, though he boasts over 400k plays on one of his tracks. Still, his talent speaks for itself in his new song, “Awakened.” It begins with a simple reverbed melody and piano arrangement, slowly adding in some slight drums and a blissful lead synth, and eventually makes its way to the powerful melodic drop.

And perhaps my favorite part about Marc’s whole arrangement is that it’s musically coherent but mentally unexpected. There are certain notes that fit but come out of seemingly nowhere and you’re left with this feeling of intense engagement as you not only connect with the music but feel like you’re always searching for the mystery of what comes next. It’s a bafflingly difficult crosshair to line up but Marc seemingly does it with ease.

Check out “Awakened” below!

Written by Freak Feed


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