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analog cymatics Inspires Us with ‘Hopes & Dreams’

Freak Feed | January 5, 2021

Evan Bailey is everything that’s right with the electronic music community and we should all be supporting his music. With a kind heart and a talent for beat-making to match, Evan (analog cymatics) begins this year with a new track, ‘Hopes & Dreams,’ which is bound to give you inspiration for the new year. The history of the track is relatable to all artists.

I was in a huge music-writing slump and wanted to actually focus on enjoying the act of writing music again. My approach to production had been tainted a bit; it felt more like a chore than a creative release, which really sucked, if I’m being honest. I’d get anxious just at the thought of opening Ableton, it was pretty bad. Writing this track was an experiment both in enjoying the music production process again, as well as learning how to overcome this anxiety I felt. I focused on the things that I had the most fun doing when writing tracks, mostly sound design and sampling, without worrying too much about what the end product would be.
After a rough 2020 for everyone, listening to ‘Hopes & Dreams’ will definitely get you in the creative spirit. The soothing song spotlights unique drum breaks, chopped-up piano samples, and relaxing rhythms to match. analog cymatics blends elements of hip-hop and bass beautifully with his own melodies, creating the quintessential electro-soul track. If there’s one thing to get out of listening to ‘Hopes & Dreams,’ is that it’s okay to feel unmotivated. Sometimes you need to take a step back and focus on why you’re doing it, and you just might fall in love with it again.
Listen to analog cymatics – ‘Hopes & Dreams’ here:

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